The Dinosaur Experiment

The Dinosaur Experiment (2013) by Travis Bibb

I try to be professionally (and politely) honest with all my reviews, in fact there’s absolutely no reason for me to write dishonestly. Independent filmmakers do not have the resources to give away movies for free and working in independent entertainment myself, I’m not looking for a handout. I write out of a love for…


Episode 34 – Crazy Names, Hatfields & McCoys, Death, TWFS, Top 5 Favorite Beers, and Crazy Ex’s,

(This Episode originally aired on July 26th 2014 on WGNS Radio out of Murfreesboro,TN) Segment 1:  Dave talks about attending another White Wedding during the summer of 2014.  Was this one more culturally diverse than the last one he attended?  After that, he went to a family function that was the complete opposite. He also…


Biff Baxter : The Celestial Edition – Planetary Alignment, All-Stars, and Heavenly Bodies

Greetings from high atop Casa de Biff as I once again join you to give your lives meaning and bring you the seedy underbelly of the sports world. That’s right folks; I say what others are afraid to. There’s no PC label stamped on Biff’s backside. I take pride in the fact that I am…

blood and ice cream

Shaun of the Dead (2004) & Hot Fuzz (2007) – Travis Bibb

Earlier this week I looked at The World’s End, the final entry of the Blood and Ice-cream (AKA Three Flavors Cornetto) trilogy from director Edgar Wright. Now it’s Friday and no better time to focus on the first two features in the series, the really bloody ones. First up is the zombie shenanigans of Shaun…


Brook the Cook: Roasted Turkey

Succulent fire roasted turkey,   artisan french crouton stuffing,   fresh hand-picked green peas,   mouthwatering mashed yukon gold potatoes with a jot of salted alpine butter.   Someone is in for a treat tonight!


The World’s End (2013) by Travis Bibb

This week I’m taking a look back at the fantastic “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy, starting with the latest (and final) entry in the series, The World’s End. Friday I’ll cover Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in a horror double feature article. This beloved series is the product of the brilliant British comedy team…


Episode 33 – Secret Service Agents, Bobby Bones, Nashville Comic and Horror Festival, Brandon Brains, LeBron James, The Death of Archie, NEDS, and Tommy Ramone

t’s A Man’s World can be found at and heard on WGNS Radio on Saturday Mornings from 4 – 6 AM in Nashville / Murfreesboro Area. (This episode was originally aired on July 19th 2014) Segment 1: Dave explains how the Secret Service might be after him after trying to see the Vice President…


Die Die Delta Pi by Travis Bibb

Halloween is right around the corner ladies and gentlemen. This may be a strange notion for some folks out there but it is indeed only 15 weeks away. Less than 100 days until October 1st and that just enough time to start celebrating. With that in mind, It’s A Man’s World will now have a…


Another fan video: Brook!

Thanks so much to Brook for making this video for us and also for being one of our first listeners to buy and sport a #IAMW t-shirt. She is the best! Remember..submit your video or picture to us and become part of the #IAMW movement today!


The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010) by Travis Bibb

As luck would have it my copy of The Last Rites of Ransom Pride came just in time for my weekly review. It’s been a few years since I had watched this one and I was eager to give it a fresh shot and I can say this film only gets better with each repeat…