Episode 19 – Beer Festivus, Chad Flatt, and Weird Shoes

Korey and Dave start the show off by talking about their experience at Beer Festivus (for the rest of us), which was an event held by one of Korey’s friends, Eric.  It was an opportunity for friends to hang out and drink beer. Korey talks about why this event was created and his experience with

Episode 18 – The Mormon Party Recap, Wrestlemania 30, and The Walking Dead

Korey and Dave start off by talking about their night at the Mormon Bachelor Party.  How wild did things get? Did the two loud hosts get along with the Mormon group?  The night started off at Morton’s Steakhouse, where someone may have spent too much money.  The two then talk about how they walked through

Episode 17 – Death to Cable, Beer Hipsters, Wu-Tang, Mormon Parties, and Bronies

The episode starts off with talk about how Dave is going to cut out cable television from his life. This was something that Korey had done a long time ago and now Dave appears to be jumping on the bandwagon. What are the pros and cons of sticking with cable television? Also what shows has

Episode 16 – Flight 370, Rob Bironas, and Apologies

This episode starts off with talk about the missing airplane, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  This is a bizarre story and people have a number of  theories about what may have happened to the commercial plane carrying 239 people. This is a story that has been in the news non-stop, so Korey and Dave try to weigh

Episode 15- Fiverr, Travis Clark, and Man of Steel

This episode starts off with Dave talking about his new gig on Fiverr, in which he recorded a political ad for a candidate.  Then Korey talks about how his work is going, since they are starting to introduce the concept of mandatory overtime. After that the guys are joined by Travis Clark, who is 1/2

Episode 13 – Jennifer Lawrence, Top 5 QB’s, and a Review of Welcome to the Jungle

Episode 13 is here and features talk about Korey’s opinion on Jennifer Lawrence, the Top 5 Favorite Quarterbacks of the Hosts, and a review of the film, Welcome to the Jungle. Korey had recently posted an opinion on twitter about the actress, Jennifer Lawrence, and it caused quite a stir.   This is preceded by

Episode 12 – Winter Olympics, Killer Brewington, and Only God Forgives.

This episode features stories about the Winter Olympics, childhood stories, and movie reviews. The Winter Olympics are upon us and that prompts talk about the events, specifically a lot of discussion about the USA Women’s Hockey Team.  Also they talk about another podcaster’s dream of being a figure skater at a very early age.  Also

Episode 11 – A Party, Gamer Girl, and Michael Sam.

Korey attended a Video Game Party hosted by David David Corrigan and talks about how much fun that was. This then leads into the Twitter Update from the listeners. Korey and Dave listed their Top 5 Movies in the last episode and the fans weigh in with their opinions. The guys got to interview Gamer

Episode 10 – MTV and Top 5 Movies

MTV Comes to Nashville and Top 5 Movies are the topics for Episode 10 of It’s a Man’s World. The show starts off with discussion about a new MTV reality TV show that is set to be filmed in Nashville, which Dave found on Craigslist.  The show is set to be called the Kids of Nashville.