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A Contrarian Look into Ray Rice and Ferguson; by Lance Wall


The Ray Rice domestic abuse incident has brought much scorn, ridicule, and outrage from the public. Much like the Michael Brown case in Missouri, the media continues to propagate a mass group think and refuses to give a contrarian point…
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Episode 41 – Ray Rice, The Deer Hunter, and Foster’s Beer


This content originally aired on WGNS Radio in Murfreesboro, TN on 9/13/2014. The show starts off with Ray Rice talk.  Of course this past week a video surfaced that showed Ray Rice hitting his fiancee in the face with the…
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Episode 40 – The Conversation, The Fappening, Russell Brand, and the Racism of Austria


Episode 40 was originally aired live on WGNS Radio in Murfreesboro, TN on September 6th 2014. The show starts off with Korey and Dave talking about their week and spending time at a new lakehouse.  This somehow leads into therapy…
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