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Episode 39 – Guest: Travis Bibb, Sam Adams Beer, Halloween Movies, and Patent Trolls


In the first hour, Korey and Dave discuss Korey’s trip to Memphis and Dave’s recent championship claim. They also want to reclaim a twitter name, that they both think should be theirs..specifically @itsamansworld. After that they discuss the recent developments in…
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Episode 38 – Ice Bucket Challenge, Rusty G, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Ghosts, and Gerald Pitts


The show starts off with talk about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has hit the web like crazy over the last few weeks.  Both Korey and Dave were challenged to do the challenge by listener of the show, Michael,…
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Brook the Cook: Sausage


What an excellent birthday dinner. Where do I begin? Riveting artisan andouille sausage wrapped in a finely milled corn maize seasoned with saffron and deep fried in baby elk fat, Marvelous criss cut “white gold” Peruvian potatoes, hand shucked Indiana…
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