A Young Man with Big Dreams

I am currently 22 years old and always have leaned towards fitness by being in the gym due to high school sports, but after graduation I took time off and really ended up wasting my time on nonsense. So I got back into fitness and fell in love with it all over again. Now I’m 100% committed to this crazy lifestyle and strive to reach out to help others that truly want to get involved. I look for the spark in people that few have but truly want the change in their life with real goals. Helping others in this industry to better themselves is exactly what this is all about and the friends you often meet turn into family through all the support. I’m looking to grow my family by succeeding in what I love to do which is fitness.

Everything about the lifestyle of fitness motivates me. I love the idea of looking good, feeling good, and overall living good. I hate negativity and in this lifestyle there is none of that. It’s filled with great people with a phenomenal attitude and great work ethics all coming together to help each other out in different ways by reaching out to each other. It’s just amazing to see all these good people coming together for a great cause.

My top three motivators are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, and Herschel Walker. All 3 of them have come from all different hard times to make it where they are now. They are true role models for this industry but also for growing as a good person as well. They have traits I only wish to achieve and goals I hope to reach one day. From Arnold with his success in 3 completely different categories (bodybuilding, politics, movie star) to Dwayne Johnson and his college football career along with movies to Herschel Walker with his huge success in football and being an amazing role model for someone who had nothing, to use what he had and do great with it. These men are my idols.

At first, I just wanted to maintain so I hit the gym about 3 times a week with no diet and really just wasted my time, then I really let loose and stopped going all together for about 6 months and my girlfriend ended up leaving me when I realized how I let myself go. That’s when it started to hit me, I switched gyms, met new people, and gained a small new family I loved in the gym that I currently still go to now. Things got serious the last 10 months of my life and I have been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week but not until only about 4-5 months. I got extremely serious and started strict diets between clean bulking and cutting. Now I am so proud of where I’m come from and it continues to remind me to never give up, thrive for more and smash each and every goal, always cherishing the life I’m blessed with.

I can only see myself living a lifestyle that I’m absolutely happy with and a career built up behind me to support the lifestyle I crave. It’s a lifestyle that’s rich in wealth, love and happiness. The wealth will come with my career, the love will be the passion I have for my job, and the happiness will be what I receive for being able to help others get to a point where they are not only happy with themselves but their lives. As long as I’m in involved in fitness and making a career out of it, hopefully sponsors can help me out so I can also help others.

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