Thin Lips Without Surgery

The lips are thin, fresh red and a pride for most women. With thin lips and beautiful, most women feel confident and sexy. Sexy lips actually do not depend on a thick or thin, healthy or not but from the looks of lip color and elasticity.

Many women who feel less confident if has a lip that is too thick. Actual lip size cannot be reduced without the surgery. Operation in question is aesthetic surgery or surgery performed for individuals who want a better state, thus making these individuals become more confident.

The goal is to improve the perceived lack of harmonious form, and certain parts of the normal form become more beautiful. Here you are. But, of course, the way these operations require a lot of fund. Moreover, not all women dare to deal with knife surgery.

If you have absolutely no interest in aesthetic surgery as it is now so widespread in Korea, there is another way that is easier and painless to make lips appear thinner. Obviously this method is very safe and does not require a lot of expense. You can disguise a thick lip with using the right makeup.

Here are some tips and tricks that can make your lips look thinner, among which are:

1. Choose a lipstick color that suits your skin color to disguise the size of the thickness of the lips. If you have olive skin or white, maroon red color is perfect to make your lips look thinner. However, if you have brown skin color, red brick is the right color for your lipstick.

2. Get rid of the gloss away from make up your list, because the luster of lip gloss on your lips will actually make the lips appear fuller and wider.

3. Besides lip-gloss, avoid too many beauty products such as lipstick lips with a glossy color with ingredients that too much oil (oil base), because it can give the impression of thicker lips and wide.

4. Roll out a thin layer of foundation before using a lip pencil and lipstick. Foundation will be very useful to disguise your actual lip line.

5. Do not forget to always frame the lips with a lip pencil color tone is older than the lipstick color you choose. Just use thin pencil-thin lips to form your lips. Because the pencil line that is too firm will actually make your lips do not seem natural.

6. Use a matte lipstick type, because it can disguise a thick lip.

7. Practice the muscles of your mouth and face with the routine. This exercise can help you get rid of the fat on the lips and face, making lips appear thinner and smaller.

8. Avoid eating spicy foods and hot as it can make you feel your lips more chapped and thick, similarly, some tips and tricks that you can try to disguise the size of your lips.

But you need to remember is, the size becomes less important when you are confident and bold lips assume you are an asset, not a shortage. If you still want to ask a plastic surgeon, visit https://www.ritzplasticsurgery.com.au/about-mr-morris-ritz

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